“Why pay life insurance premiums out of pocket?" You shouldn’t!

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What is Premium Financing?

Premium financing is an opportunity to purchase a large amount of life insurance without paying the actual premiums out of pocket.

Who Is It For?

High-net-worth or ultra high-net-worth individuals that understand the power of life insurance and are comfortable with long-term financing.

We can help you build a rock-solid financing solution for turning your life insurance premiums into supplemental income.


When you work with RSB Life, you’ll be funding a life insurance policy. We create financing plans for specific types of insurance policies. Otherwise, the financing strategies don’t work.

Here are the two basic requirements for life insurance policies we can accept:

Are You Eligible?


Any solid legacy includes a life insurance policy

However, funding one of those policies can tie up a lot of capital and make it difficult to expand the other gifts you’re developing for the next generation too, gifts such as real estate or trust accounts.

At the end of the day, life insurance is primarily designed to protect your loved ones from having to pay all of the taxes and other fees levied on your property as it gets passed on.

Depending on how large your estate is, you may need a large amount of life insurance to make the transition easier.

How do you finance such a large policy without freezing everything else?

The solution: premium financing

Premium financing may be a bit unorthodox for those only familiar with run-of-the-mill strategies, but it offers incredible advantages that can radically shift your financial future.

At its most basic, premium financing uses a loan from an established and highly rated bank to fund life insurance premiums.

This way, the client reduces the cost of life insurance temporarily to the cost of the interest rate on the loan.

This makes for a low initial out-of-pocket commitment. It also prevents a lot of the client’s resources from getting tied up in funding the life insurance policy today, which frees up capital to grow their other investments for tomorrow.

Better said, the loan provides a tax-preferred supplemental income stream, which means the client enjoys the following benefits:


We use every resource available to make sure you get the best results possible. We also generously share our knowledge with you so you can feel confident that you’ve made a good decision.


There are multiple reasons why people invest in premium financing.
Here are a few of those reasons:


Are You Eligible?


Many people find financial professionals to help them handle their money, but that’s not always enough.


At RSB Life, we believe there is no reason to spend precious time trying to force run-of-the-mill financial strategies to secure your future when there are so many strategies that have proven themselves to be superior.

Instead, we have embraced a realistic, superior path to life insurance, a bright financial future for your family, and the freedom to use your assets in the meantime.

If you’ve heard of premium financing before, chances are good you haven’t seen it done right.

RSB Life fixes that by refusing to compromise and doing our homework every time.

Our commitment to finding the qualified clients and doing everything in our power for them has allowed us to help over individuals and companies take their financial futures to the next level.


The RSB Life experts work hard on the behalf of our clients every day, and one of our core principles is client communication and education.

We understand that life insurance policies have a huge impact on your future and the future of your family or company, and we want you to understand exactly what is going on at all times.

We aren’t just on a mission to give you incredible advantages when it comes to paying for a great life insurance policy; we’re here to be your partner, teacher, and ally.


Our lives are full of ups and downs, twists and turns, but there is one thing that continue to surpass everything else in value:

What does the future look like for your family?

Life insurance is a vital part of your legacy, but the premiums can tie up a bunch of your liquid assets and affect your ability to thrive.

Your estate can also cause problems for your children or company after you die, leaving them to struggle with taxes and other costs.

Our premium financing strategy finds a sweet spot for qualified clients by using a trustworthy loan to handle the insurance premium, freeing them to direct their cash flow down additional paths to secure their futures. 

This is a fantastic way to access the life insurance you need and make life easier for those who will follow you.

Are You Eligible?

Premium financing is NOT free insurance and it is NOT for everyone. It’s only relevant to high-net worth individuals that are comfortable with collateralized financing deals.

Is it risk free? 

No, like in any collateral-based financing deal, risks exist. The question is how you manage those risks and whether or not  you work with a professional planner who has enough experience to avoid them.

Your financial planner should be able to predict potential risks and take precautionary measures, even before you start the deal.

RSB Life

With more than 10 years of premium financing experience and over 60 successful financial outcomes, we have established meaningful long-term relationships with our clients. 

We believe in deep, personal and stable relationships that are built for the long term and always safeguard your interests.


Since our service is personal and tailor-made for each of our clients, we can only accept a certain number of new clients at one time.

Please be sure to leave your name and phone number below so we can contact you directly.

What's Next?

We’ll work together to find our chemistry and evaluate whether we can indeed deliver our signature positive financial impact for you. When you feel we’re the right fit, we’ll get straight to work on delivering results.

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